New Minute New Me!

As we approach a new year, I always see the same thing every year. 


-“This year is going to be different!”
-“I’m going to become a healthier version of myself!”
-“New Year, New Me!”


I think you get the point. I’m sure we all see it!


So my question is why wait till the new year?  In my opinion it’s just a new date to write. A new year shouldn’t be about changing your life.  I can see the symbolic aspect…. Sure.

But if you want to change your life why not do it right now? New hour new me! New minute new me! As soon as you have the thought take the proactive step and do it right there! 
Now you may say that you can’t do it right then and there. Sure that might be difficult. You may be at work and you can’t leave to go to the gym And sign up right then and there, but with most gyms you can sign up right online or set up an appointment at a gym or with a trainer right from your computer.

Now this doesn’t just apply to the gym. This applies to EVERYTHING in your life.


-“I’m going to quit smoking this year”
-“I’m going to finally get out of the house and meet someone this year”
-“I’m going to finally give the boot to my POS boyfriend or girlfriend”
-“I’m going to start my diet this new year”


Well okay it’s hard to start a diet during the holidays! But you can still start to get in the swing of meal prepping and eating better.


This way of thinking applies to all aspects of life!  You want to make a change? Then do it!  Don’t wait till Monday. Don’t wait for a new year. Like Nike says Just Do It!  Stop procrastinating and giving excuses.   O man don’t even get me started on excuses.  I think I’ll leave those for another blog article….. But when you procrastinate most of the time it doesn’t get done!  The best thing to do is to just take that first step right away.  You have the thought….. you take the step forward!  Sometimes it not that easy, but when you do…. you will be glad you did!

Until next time keep your thoughts positive and keep killin it!

-Branden Bridge


Stop The Hating

So I’ve been noticing some thing pretty absurd in the fitness community lately.

I have been hearing so much trash talk about people.

Whether its more fit people laughing at unfit people attempting to improve their lives, or fit people hating on other fit people!

Sounds pretty ridiculous to me.

We all started some where. Some of us may have been fortunate to have someone guiding us in the beginning and some didn’t.

We are a community! We are the fitness community! What happens in a community? Usually it consists of helping each other and uplifting each other.

So why are we not doing that in our community? Help these people, uplift them, point them in the right direction. I’m not saying to go in to depth or be their trainer. Just say “Hey! Great set man! Can I show you a better more effective way to do that?”

Most of these people want this guidance but are embarrassed or afraid to approach us. We are kind of intimidating when we’re at the gym. Tight clothes, tanks, cut off sleeves, pump going, head phones in jamming in the zone.

I also keep seeing these awkward gym moments…. STOP RECORDING THESE PEOPLE. Pay attention to yourself or guide these people in the right direction. This is a big reason why people steer clear of the gym and why Planet Fitness advertises a “No Lunk Zone”. Yes they may be hating on us, but in all reality we started the hating by making fun of these people that have no guidance.

There is no need for any of this.

Another thing I see is Trainers making fun of these people. Now that astonishes me. Didn’t we become Trainers to help people? Yes we also have money in mind since there is definitely money to be made in this profession, but didn’t you actually want to help these people? I know I did! Plus if you’re a trainer and you give these people some quick advice, about fifty percent of the time you’ll gain a new client!

We are trainers, whether you see it or not we are ALWAYS being watched. So do the right thing and help people, don’t be in it just for the money. What separates good trainers from AWESOME trainers is actually caring and helping people.

Now I admit I may devote myself a little too much to my clients… but you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love it! Its what makes my profession rewarding. Knowing you are one of the factors that this person has improved their way of life.

So come on people lets unite our community once again and stop all this nonsense, its not needed. The gym is meant to be a positive place, not high school all over again.



Fuck The Media

Do I have your attention?

The media…. OOOOOOO the media.

So you’re scrolling through your instagram, facebook, twitter, what have you.  You’re constantly seeing all these ripped up models and and diced up fitness authorities.  You think to yourself why can’t I look like that, or if you have achieved that body and put on a little weight after that and say to yourself why can’t I stay lean like that all the time.
Well I have news for you…. those models aren’t always ripped like that.  They are only like that for a show or photo shoot then they put the weight back on.  It is pretty unhealthy to keep your body in that form actually.  They always seem to leave that part out. 
Don’t get me wrong I love the media for the most part, they can definitly be an inspiration! They have even inspired me and they still do!

Instead of following a big companies instagram or what ever, you should follow some of the models.  A lot of the fitness models post daily pics and you can see their weight fluctuate.  Now thats a real model and inspiration!  Some one that can get down to a really low body fat percentage but then put some chunk back on and is okay with it!

I use to be the same way.  I would look through my social media and be like damn I have to stay ripped blah blah blah.  Then I realized its unhealthy and VERY HARD to maintain.  You eat too much sodium one day and BOOM water weight… no more ripped.

You have to learn to enjoy your life and especially enjoy your food!  Plus that little extra chunk on you will turn in to gains!

Also you have to remember you had the will power once to drop your body fat, you are strong enough to do it again! 

So please enjoy your life people! You only have one! Stop looking at the media to be a role model as how you should look!  Because like I said…. most of them don’t look like that all the time anyways, they just don’t show you their bulk sessions or how they look after their cheat day! 

STAY INSPIRED and keep up the awesome work!


Investing In Your Health

I have come across many people that want to utilize my services but are having money problems and cant afford the monthly cost.

My first question after i hear that is “Well how often do you eat out a week?”  

The answer always varies but on average i hear about 3-5 times a week.  Now i’m assuming they are probably spending about 20 dollars per meal depending on where they go.

Then I ask how often are you on the run and stop at a gas station to grab a candy bar or something.  The answer I usually get is ALLTHE TIME.  Then I assume this probably happens at least once a day.

Now….. do the math.  People spend about 60 to 100 dollars a week on going out to eat, then maybe 10 to 20 dollars on junk food when they’re on the run.

Just cutting out the expenses of the going out to eat and the junk food can help you afford a monthly plan and maybe even have some left over money for the month.  Sounds like a no brainer right?

If you want to take the step in the right direction for your health you’re going to have to cut out most of the going out to eat and junk food anyways.  So once you cut all that out you will have a lot more money to invest in your health.

Also I come across a lot of smokers that are willing to and want to quit.  Once you quit smoking cigarettes and stop going out to eat…… O BOY!  Think of all that extra money!  Damn you’re going to be rich and fit!?!?! Now thats a win win.  More money, and fitness guidance!  BOOM!  Now you’re really investing in your health!

Investing in your health and getting a fitness coach is the best thing some one can do.  You cut out all of the junk and spend it on some one or something that can lead you in the right direction and be there with you for every step of your fitness journey.

– Branden Bridge

P.S. Check out my Online Fitness Coaching by clicking the menu link above or by clicking here. You can sign up for a $4.99 trial period for the first 30 days. Now you have no excuse not to give fitness coaching a chance!

P.S.S. If you live near Buffalo, NY… specifically the Hamburg, NY region, feel free to contact me if you need personal training via the contact page or messaging me on Facebook!

Investing In Your Health, The Thing To Do!


Before and After The Big Show: What Physique Competitors Go Through


Some of you may know some one who has competed in a Bodybuilding show, some of you may not. I’m writing this to give everyone a little insight on what really goes on behind the scenes before and after a show. We may seem to be fine on the outside but let me tell you from experience, the struggle is real!

So you’ve decided to do a show! Awesome! Good for you! Good luck in your show!

The beginning of prep is all fine and dandy. You’re motivated, physically strong, and mentally strong. “Fuck Yea! Lets Get it!”

Once you get about 2 months from the show is when every thing starts to catch up with you. The long hours in the gym, all the meal prepping, and the caloric deficit that you’re in starts to hit you.

You’re tired, weak, hungry, and just plain ol’ sick of it. Not to mention the food restrictions. O MY LORD Give me a piece of pizza! Now if you’re prepping the smart way you’re not too restricted on food choices. If you have that cheese burger you better be making it yourself and be ready to be real hungry that day because its filling a good amount of our daily macro nutrients.

Then once you get real sick of prep you start to question yourself. “Why am I doing this?” “Is it worth it?”. Once you remember the answer to these questions then you get a whole new line of questions. “Will I be lean enough?” “Am I gonna fall of my face on stage?” “Will I place?” “Hows my competition look?” “Do they look better than me?” “Are you really sure you want to do this?!?!”

So now you’re about a month from the show. This is when you start to get really weak and irritable. Gym sessions are miserable and you just do your best to push through. You almost don’t even remember what its like to enjoy your work out. You’re just walking around in a daze from the lack of nutrients, and the energy expended in the work outs.

Before you know it, its the day of the show. Was it all worth it you ask?

YES! 100%! You’re practicing your posing the morning of and you see yourself in the mirror. You stop and stare at yourself. Not because you’re leaner than you’ve ever been. You’re staring because you’ve made it. All the hard work you’ve put in the past months have paid off and damn you look good! Got your tan, hair, outfit and everything on point!

Now its show time. Whether you place or not. You’re proud of yourself. You’ve come a long way!

So now the show is done. Prep is done. “I’m Hungry! Lets get food!”. You go and get what ever meal you’ve been fantasizing about for the last 2 months. And damn it was every thing you ever hoped it would be!

Now some people have a problem with this, and some don’t. How to keep the body you worked so hard for. Some people don’t mind putting weight back on and some people do!

The struggle is real for the people that want to stay semi lean. Your love for food and your love for the awesome physique you’ve created are battling!

You want to eat all the foods you’ve missed through prep but don’t want to gain the weight back.

This is the dilemma now. What to do… What to do? Answer….. ENJOY YOUR LIFE! But don’t over do it.

What I recommend is give yourself a couple days of going crazy after the show. Its all just going to be water weight anyways. After these couple of days its time to start hitting those macros and maintaining the sexiness! Now hitting your macros doesn’t mean you have to go back to starving yourself and not enjoying life. Hit your maintenance macros all week. Give yourself a cheat meal once a week.

This is when you really need to be mentally strong and when you need to realize all of prep wasn’t for the stage. It was to make you mentally stronger. You endured the struggles of prep! Now it wont be too hard though because you’ll be on maintenance macros. Which means you’ll be eating a good amount of food daily so the feeling of being hungry is in the past. Which is awesome! But you may start saying fuck it and eating whatever you want. Then you wake up the next morning 4 pounds heavier, with the regret of the binge the night before. You go back to your deficit macros drop the pounds then a few days later you binge again! This may happen a few times.


If you can realize this in the beginning then you’re golden! That’s one of the reasons I’m writing this. If you are going through the struggle after your show, just remember what you’ve been through the past few months. It took a lot of dedication and hard work right? A Lot of mental power?

Well shake it off and and remember how strong you are!

I’ve been asked if I’ll ever compete again. You mean will I ever torture myself again? Well….. Yes I already plan on it! Nothing feels better than going through prep then getting on that stage hearing people call your name and screaming when you hit your poses. BOOM! KILLED IT!

Also… you learn a lot about yourself when you go through prep. How mentally strong you really are. Prep isn’t just all lifting weights. You have to be all in…. physically and mentally.

I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world. Its an amazing feeling! I recommend everyone who is interested to try it at least once.

-Branden Bridge


Why low carb diets are bad

Carbs are not the enemy!

Carbs are your friends!

From time to time I will come across someone that has been strictly on a Keto diet.

You may be asking yourself what a Keto diet is…. Well that means a no carb diet for the most part.

These Keto Dieters will often have a Monster or some sort of energy drink in their hand.

I always ask how their energy levels are anyways even though I already know how their energy levels are.

Its usually the same answer. Something along the lines of I am always so exhausted.

I always ask them why they are on a Keto diet.

They blurt out “Carbs are the enemy!”, “If I eat carbs I will get fat!”

Then I go straight in to Jehova witness mode knocking on their cardio equipment and start preaching proper nutrition.

I’ll go into a lengthy explanation of how carbs give you energy throughout your day and makes their workouts so much better. 

Often the people who have been on a Keto Diet for a while who continually lower their total calorie intake constantly also end up asking me a question that is similiar to the following:

“Why am I not losing weight if I’m doing two cardio sessions a day and on a low calorie/carb diet?”

Then I begin to explain to them that either their metabolic rate is damaged or for a better way of putting it, adapted to the low calories and zero carb diet.

You see…

What has occurred for this individual is that their metabolic rate has reached such a low level that even what would be considered a low calorie diet is now a surplus diet.

Since the only way a Keto Diet works when trying to lose weight is due to the fact that the person is eating at a calorie deficit. It has nothing to do with the fact that they eliminated carbs from their diet. Even if you eliminated carbs from your diet and you ate enough fat and protein to be at a calorie surplus according to your metabolic rate, you would gain weight AND FAT!

The only thing that truly matters when it comes to weight gain/loss and/or fat gain/loss is your calorie intake compared to your metabolic rate.

When someone goes on a Keto Diet, they start to lose weight and fat due to the calorie deficit.

But what happens is when that person starts to lose weight, their body takes less calorie consumption to maintain fat levels and weight. This is normal for anyone who is on any kind of diet that is at a calorie deficit.

What the difference is with a Keto Diet is that they eliminated carbs completely. This completely sends your metabolic rate into a tail spin and drops much faster then it would on a normal calorie deficit diet.

So all of a sudden the weight and fat loss stops and the person doesn’t know why. So the only thing they can do is eat less calories to further reach their fat loss and weight goals.

This furthers the metabolic crash over time and eventually the weight loss and fat loss stops again.  Thus require this person to eat even less food.

The cycle continues until the person has completely destroyed their metabolic rate.

This is why low carb diets are bad!

Physique & Bikini fitness competitors experience something similar when they do show after show with crazy fat loss cuts on top of trying to pack up weight quickly to keep muscle gains just to do another crazy weight cut again.

What happens here is that their metabolic rate is low then the increase in calories causes a ton of fat to pack onto their frame without letting their metabolic rate catch up. Then they do another crazy weight cut to get rid of the fat and by the end of the cut their metabolic rate is even lower then the first cut.  

Eventually they end up in the same situation at the Keto Dieter to where their metabolic rates are so low even a 1,000 calorie diet for women or a 1,400 calorie diet for men is now a surplus diet because their metabolic rate are so low that they only requires 800 calories for women and like 1,200 calories for men.

Again, say it with me this time… “This is why no carb diets are bad!”

Now luckily for the Keto Dieter and the Fitness competitors their is a solution to fix your metabolic rate without packing on fat.

First thing is, if your a Keto Dieter, you must include carbs back into your diet!


and your welcome 😉 hehehe

Now if you’ve been on a Keto diet for a long time, you cant just throw a ton of carbs back into your diet all at once. You have to slowly introduce them. Adding calories week by week.

This is referred to as reverse dieting. A handy tool to kick start a metabolism that has been damaged by a very low calorie diet.

The same goes for the fitness competitor.

Once I put my clients on a reverse diet, they usually fluctuate within 3 pounds of the weight they started at but notice they get leaner and make/keep their gains!

After a good six months once we have reintroduced a higher carbs and calorie intake without packing on fat and maintaining roughly the same or slightly increased but they look amazing I like to ask if carbs are still the enemy!

Also I’ll ask them how their energy levels are now (obviously with a smirk on my face).

While holding a bottle of water instead of an energy drink they laugh at me and call me some sort of name and we both just laugh.

Now every body is differnet when it comes to reverse dieting or just any type of diet in general. You have to do what works for you. BUT there is no reason to go Keto or do any sort of crash dieting, even for fitness competitors.  

You just have to be smart about dieting and be consistent.

It’s always better to cut slowly or add carbs slowly.

You’ll make more muscle gains and you won’t be always packing on and cutting the same 15-20 pounds as a fitness competitor.

This is why low carb diets are bad!

Also as a fitness competitor when you reserve diet, you will be able to slowly increase your carbs with minimal weight and fat gain. Thus allowing for an even easier and better cut the next time with more added muscle! 

Remember, carbs are not your enemy!

They are your friends when used properly and not splurged on.


-Branden Bridge

“Fitness is my Focus, Fitness is my Life!”


Consistency Is The Key To Fitness Results

If someone were to ask me “What is the most important thing for achieving fitness results?”

I would have to say that Consistency is the key to fitness results.

There are a lot of articles out there preaching special diets, detoxes, super foods, and many other weight loss “tricks”

Some of them work, some of them don’t.

These diets are marketed as quick fixes, not long term solutions.

But what do you do after that diet is done?

I have clients asking me about these “tricks” and asking if they should add this super food or that super food.

My response to them is always this “If you can make it fit into your daily macros then go for it!”

Then they ask my opinion on these quick fix diets, tricks and special foods…..

My opinion?…. Well….. I think certain foods have different benefits….. but those diets and detoxes… not so much.

Those special diets do not work in my opinion. A detox might “clean” out your system and be healthy for your internal organs and yes you drop weight fast but when that diet is done, most people end up doing an eating binge immediately after and they put the weight back on.

You practically starve yourself for a month. A Detox usually entails fasting techniques, juicing and limiting intake of normal foods. The lack of calories is why they have you lose weight. There’s nothing “Special” or ‘Mysterious” that causes the weight loss. It’s just simple science and math due to being at a calorie deficit.

Which is the key to any smart weight loss diet. Except that detoxes usually go to extremes while a solid smart scientific weight loss program will have you lose weight consistently over time which is a much healthier way to lose weight.

Most people who want to try detoxes to lose weight are Binge Eaters. They usually do a detox and lose weight but immediately after the diet is over, they feel like they deserve a little “cheat”. That cheat meal usually turns in to a day of cheating and in most cases turns in to a few  weeks of binge eating.

Basically they never improve their eating habits. Improving eating habits is the most important aspect of change needed to  achieve weight loss that sticks.

People end up binge eating because they restrict themselves of the foods they enjoy for so long. In turn the desire for that food builds up. When the diet is over, all of a sudden they are eating Oreos and Cupcakes in every meal.

This is why I always give my clients macros to hit and let them eat what they want within the parameters of the macros while promoting optimal dieting with nutritious foods.

I also always tell them to just stay consistent with hitting their macros every day when they ask me about these diets.

Only when I know a client has built sustainable and good eating habits, I feel I can give them my consent on trying detoxes or special diets if they believe it will have a healthy effect on them.

However I reinforce that consistency is the key to fitness results.

Consistency in your macros, and consistency with your gym routine. If you stay on a consistent deficit and work hard, you are guaranteed to drop weight. Its pretty easy if you have the dedication!

I know you want instant results, but half the time instant results are unhealthy and end in a binge. So stay consistent and  those results will come.  Not only will they come but they stick for the long term!

-Branden Bridge

“Fitness is my Focus! Fitness is my Life!”


Don’t Hesitate When it Comes to Living a Healthy Fit Lifestyle

So you’ve decided to make some changes in your life.

You’ve decided that living a Healthy Fit Lifestyle is something you want to achieve.

After years of neglecting your body through poor eating habits and lack of consistent exercise you have decided enough is enough!

It’s time to take CONTROL of your life.

But you have decided that you’re going to ease yourself in to a healthier life style.

SMH! *Shaking My Head*


Why set yourself up for failure right off the bat?

In my experiences with clients, if you decide to jump right in to a healthier life style head first, rather than if you just ease yourself in to it, you’re much more than likely to succeed.

Some people will want to start with just exercising first. But still eat all their food vices, like doughnuts, pizza and greasy chips every day.

Or people will want to start eating clean and healthy but wait until they feel healthier from the proper nutrition to then get into exercising.

Both approaches are setting yourself up for failure! Both choices are leaving that back door open for you to escape once the reality of your changes get tough.

That’s not a Bridge To Fitness!

A Bridge To Fitness is jumping head first and completely changing your lifestyle with commitment and focus.

With this approach, the right approach, your bad habits will die fast!

Start your diet, start going to the gym four to five days a week, stop smoking, whatever your want to change do it all at once!

And please don’t wait till Monday, that’s just another excuse people use to leave that back door open.

What will happen, is Monday will come around and all of a sudden you’re busy and you realize the rest of the week is just as busy. Then it happens, you tell yourself “Ehhhhh, I’ll just start next Monday!”

I’ll give you a secret in life.

This might be the most defining moment you may ever have once you hear this secret.

Yes, I am that cocky that it’s that good!

Ok here it is!

Before anything can change in your outwardly life; Your finances, your health, or your relationships. The change must first come from within. From within your mind with how you think and from within your heart with how you feel.


When you think positively and you feel positively on the inside, your world around you will start to follow along.

You will feel better, you will improve, people will like you better, everything will change for the better!

Committing to a healthy fit lifestyle is no different!

So stop with the excuses! Stop leaving the backdoor open! Stop putting your temple, your body, your vehicle for experiencing life on the back burner.


I want you to do something for me.

I want you to have an honest moment with yourself.

I want you to go in front of the mirror right now, and look yourself in the eyes.

I want you to truly to connect to how you currently think and feel about yourself and your current life.

Then, when that anger or disappointment starts to rise I want you to look dead into your own eyes and say…



“From this day forward, I will change for the better. I will have commitment and focus on being healthier and happier!”


I know it will be hard, everyday will be a battle, a struggle for me to change! But I can do it one day at a time!”


With commitment and focus, I will one day look back in this same mirror and see a completely changed person!”


Someone who is fit and healthy. Someone who feels stress and awkward on a day when they haven’t made it to the gym. Someone who turns down pizza for a healthy meal of chicken and veggies. Someone who have full control over who they are and who they will become!”

This is my goal for you. For anyone in life. I know everyone can achieve it!

With commitment, focus aka Will Power and a little help, anything is possible.

I’ll let you in on a second secret.

This one is focused solely on fitness although it can be used for any goal in life.

Here it is…

Setup a support system!

I’ve found that it’s a tremendous help to have a support system or a partner in crime when making these changes.

If you have this then you are almost guaranteed success!

Having a support system was one of the defining factors that helped me change from having the habits of a 295 pounds overweight person to now becoming a 175 pound ripped personal trainer and natural physique competitor.

That support system was my best friend!

I was fat and overweight my whole life until I was 22 years old.

My best friend was never overweight in his entire life and was always in good healthy shape. Playing football and generally being a very active person.

He got really into working out and fitness once he realized he needed to be stronger and bigger for college football.

Then one night while we where out partying I noticed he was getting a lot of attention from women and I wasn’t.

Something that was never really a problem for me in my teenage years.

At 22, I reached my peak of fatness! I had ballooned to 295 pounds from normally being about 235 pounds.

I could get by with still attracting girls being slightly overweight but I could no longer achieve success with my new weight of 295 pounds.

I was on a bad path of unhealthy living.

My thoughts, actions and habits all led me to being 295 pounds.

I had no realization of this back then but luckily a moment that night at the party occurred.

I said “Why are you getting all the girls?”

Then my very blunt best friend said in very truthful terms exactly why I wasn’t getting any attention from females.

He blurted out in a humorous way “CUZ YOUR FAT!”

He was right!

It was that simple!

I was very very fat!

Then being the good friend that he is he said “Dude your coming to the gym with me! I will force you to the gym everyday for months if I have to until you are at the point to where you will feel weird when you don’t go!”

I didn’t want to go but I said “Ok…”

and the rest is history!

We went to the gym EVERY DAY at least 5 times a week!

At first it suuuuuucked so bad! Especially that first month!

But after that it became easier and easier and before I knew it 6 months had past and I started to see changes in my body and I’ve been hooked ever sense.

You see what happened that I had no idea back then was that my friend was changing my habits.

My whole life I was in the habit of doing nothing exercise wise.

It only took 2 months for me calling him up to make sure he was down to go to the gym.

Something I would had NEVER done just 2 months prior.

My Habits were changed from that moment forward!

Support like this can mean the world to someone who doesn’t even have the inkling on how to get started changing themselves.

Even the biggest names in fitness still need support and some one pushing them once in a while!

There were plenty of times when I wanted to give up, but my friend was there at all times to push me forward.

I want you to do one more thing to ensure your success.

I want you to call the most fit person you know!

I want you to befriend this person and ask them if they will be your workout buddy!

Don’t worry if your scared to do this. If your open and honest with this person, chances are they will feel compelled to help you!

If not, move onto the next person, or the next person until you finally find someone willing to push you towards your goals.

Make sure you choose someone who is already in the habit of eating healthy and someone who continually goes to the gym.

If you pick someone in a similar situation. Chances are they might be an enabler for your old bad habits.

This will kill your chances for success.

Hire a personal trainer if you have to!

I am working on a solution for this problem that will be coming out very soon!

I a creating a full fitness program that will be available for sale within a couple of months.

As an added benefit I will be creating a private fitness support group that only a select few will be able to join.

In this group, everyone will be on the same page and support each other along with having full access to me via email, private Facebook group, and even a group app that you can access directly on your smart phone.

Until then, make some fit friends and get started on changing your life! I know you can do it!

Follow your dreams, keep pushing forward, and ALWAYS keep a positive mind frame.

A new you is just on the horizon!

One that lives a Healthy Fit Lifestyle!


Macro Diet Vs. Bro Diet, The Debate

As i’m preparing for my first physique competition I noticed there is big debate on how you should diet yourself down. Macro dieters versus bro dieters.

Bro dieters come from the old school unscientific world where you eat the same diet (IE chicken, rice, fish, sweet potatoes) without calculating the number of calories and macros you’re taking in and how many calories you’re burning off.

The bro way is all about “this is what has worked in the past for others so this is what will work now.”

If you’re following a bro diet that you got from a bro advice giver and you ask them any question as to why you are doing what you are doing you’re more than likely to get a response such as

“Shut up and do it.”

“Just cuz, that’s how we do it, it just works.”

“I know what I am doing, this is how I have always done it.”

Now I am not saying Bro diets don’t work, because they do.

Even though Bro Dieters use unscientific methods to go about their dieting, they are still eating clean while adding or reducing the amount of foods they take in whether they are bulking or cutting.

So they do see results.

A macro diet on other hand focuses on precision.

You calculate everything that goes into your body.

You know how many calories you are taking in and further break that down into how many calories or grams of protein, carbs and fats that you are putting into your body.

You leave nothing up to chance!

Luckily in today’s world, tracking your macros is easier then ever.

There are numerous Calorie Counting apps for your smartphone or tablet that allow you to input the foods you are eating.

I use My Fitness Pal and makes tracking my macros a breeze!

A Macro diet also allows something called flexible dieting. Which means you can switch out foods in your diet plan as long as the foods fit into your daily macros.

As long as you are still achieving your macros, you can achieve your goals while having a greater variety of food in your diet

Flexible dieting is where the bro dieters start to hate. Much of this is the result of the latest trend of IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) dieters who are macro dieters who believe that as long as their macros line up according to their diet plan that they can eat whatever they want.

Pop tarts, cup cakes, pizza, you name it.

Now while you will still see success with IIFYM because any calorie deficits will allow you to lose weight. However you will NOT be as HEALTHY as someone who focuses on optimal nutrition.

What is optimal nutrition?

Optimal nutrition is eating the best nutrient dense foods that will fuel your body in the most efficient way.

Your internal organs will not be receiving the same amount of nutrients if your eating pop tarts all day versus eating sweet potatoes and taking in coconut oil for your carbs and fat.

As a result, you’re outwardly body appearance will also suffer. Someone following the same macro count (Calories, Protein,Carbs & Fat intake) who eat’s junk food all day will not look as good as someone who is eating nutrient dense healthy foods such as chicken, sweet potatoes & coconut oil.

Using a flexible Macro diet with optimal nutrition is what serves me well. It’s scientific and gives me the precision results I desire.


Protein Shake, The Kryptonite of the fast food excuse!

When I take on new clients, I have them write me a food journal when they start their journey to a healthier version of themselves.

What I constantly see is fast food!

I ask them why they decided to get a cheese burger instead of bringing a meal with them. It is always the same reason… “O I was in a hurry”.

With today’s society everyone is on the run and really don’t have the time to meal prep.

This is where Protein Shakes come in!

You should always try to plan your meals ahead.

Sometimes life happens, with shaker cups it literally takes seconds to make a protein shake right before you leave the house.

You’ll actually save time making a protein shake instead of waiting in line to get fast food.

Now some might say, what if I am already out and about during my day and something happens that doesn’t allow me to get in my planned meal?

Protein bars! Every gas station in MERICA will carry at least one brand of protein bars

Some people will use the excuse that protein shakes don’t taste good.

So my next question is… “What tastes better, that swim suit in the summer or the short term satisfaction that you get from the cheeseburger?”.

Protein shakes can be an acquired taste similar to drinking alcohol or coffee for the first time. try different brands, eventually you will find a flavor that you like that will become your go to!

Sometimes people will even try to use the excuse that fast food is cheaper. This I laugh at! The meal is what? Eight Dollars? If you figure you eat fast food 3 days a week. 3 times 8 is 24.

I don’t think I have ever spent over 25 dollars on a tub of protein. A tub of protein that goes for $25 will most likely have 30 servings in it.

Even though I currently do not promote Shakeology sold by beach body, the picture below shows that even one of the more expensive protein brands is cheaper then Micky D’s!

That’s less than $1 per shake!

So there really is no excuse for eating fast food. Zero, Zilch, None!

So I challenge anyone who still eats fast food on a regular basis to break the habit! Yes, believe it or not, you going to get fast food regularly is a habit.

We need to break it! In doing so, you need to focus on it for at least a month.

First by planning protein shakes into your meal plans for the times you usually get fast food.

If you forget to prepare a shake before you leave, you will need to have the focus to go get a protein bar the moment your brain thinks “O I can just go to Micky D’s real quick to get food.”

You have to be consciously aware of these thoughts, then take action to break the habit.

I know you can do it! Let’s put Micky D’s out of business!