Carbs are not the enemy!

Carbs are your friends!

From time to time I will come across someone that has been strictly on a Keto diet.

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You may be asking yourself what a Keto diet is…. Well that means a no carb diet for the most part.

These Keto Dieters will often have a Monster or some sort of energy drink in their hand.

I always ask how their energy levels are anyways even though I already know how their energy levels are.

Its usually the same answer. Something along the lines of I am always so exhausted.

I always ask them why they are on a Keto diet.

They blurt out “Carbs are the enemy!”, “If I eat carbs I will get fat!”

Then I go straight in to Jehova witness mode knocking on their cardio equipment and start preaching proper nutrition.

I’ll go into a lengthy explanation of how carbs give you energy throughout your day and makes their workouts so much better.

Often the people who have been on a Keto Diet for a while who continually lower their total calorie intake constantly also end up asking me a question that is similiar to the following:

“Why am I not losing weight if I’m doing two cardio sessions a day and on a low calorie/carb diet?”

Then I begin to explain to them that either their metabolic rate is damaged or for a better way of putting it, adapted to the low calories and zero carb diet.

You see…

What has occurred for this individual is that their metabolic rate has reached such a low level that even what would be considered a low calorie diet is now a surplus diet.

Since the only way a Keto Diet works when trying to lose weight is due to the fact that the person is eating at a calorie deficit. It has nothing to do with the fact that they eliminated carbs from their diet. Even if you eliminated carbs from your diet and you ate enough fat and protein to be at a calorie surplus according to your metabolic rate, you would gain weight AND FAT!

The only thing that truly matters when it comes to weight gain/loss and/or fat gain/loss is your calorie intake compared to your metabolic rate.

When someone goes on a Keto Diet, they start to lose weight and fat due to the calorie deficit.

But what happens is when that person starts to lose weight, their body takes less calorie consumption to maintain fat levels and weight. This is normal for anyone who is on any kind of diet that is at a calorie deficit.

What the difference is with a Keto Diet is that they eliminated carbs completely. This completely sends your metabolic rate into a tail spin and drops much faster then it would on a normal calorie deficit diet.

So all of a sudden the weight and fat loss stops and the person doesn’t know why. So the only thing they can do is eat less calories to further reach their fat loss and weight goals.

This furthers the metabolic crash over time and eventually the weight loss and fat loss stops again.  Thus require this person to eat even less food.

The cycle continues until the person has completely destroyed their metabolic rate.

This is why low carb diets are bad!

Physique & Bikini fitness competitors experience something similar when they do show after show with crazy fat loss cuts on top of trying to pack up weight quickly to keep muscle gains just to do another crazy weight cut again.

What happens here is that their metabolic rate is low then the increase in calories causes a ton of fat to pack onto their frame without letting their metabolic rate catch up. Then they do another crazy weight cut to get rid of the fat and by the end of the cut their metabolic rate is even lower then the first cut.

Eventually they end up in the same situation at the Keto Dieter to where their metabolic rates are so low even a 1,000 calorie diet for women or a 1,400 calorie diet for men is now a surplus diet because their metabolic rate are so low that they only requires 800 calories for women and like 1,200 calories for men.

Again, say it with me this time… “This is why no carb diets are bad!”

Now luckily for the Keto Dieter and the Fitness competitors their is a solution to fix your metabolic rate without packing on fat.

First thing is, if your a Keto Dieter, you must include carbs back into your diet!


and your welcome 😉 hehehe

Now if you’ve been on a Keto diet for a long time, you cant just throw a ton of carbs back into your diet all at once. You have to slowly introduce them. Adding calories week by week.

This is referred to as reverse dieting. A handy tool to kick start a metabolism that has been damaged by a very low calorie diet.

The same goes for the fitness competitor.

Once I put my clients on a reverse diet, they usually fluctuate within 3 pounds of the weight they started at but notice they get leaner and make/keep their gains!

After a good six months once we have reintroduced a higher carbs and calorie intake without packing on fat and maintaining roughly the same or slightly increased but they look amazing I like to ask if carbs are still the enemy!

Also I’ll ask them how their energy levels are now (obviously with a smirk on my face).

While holding a bottle of water instead of an energy drink they laugh at me and call me some sort of name and we both just laugh.

Now every body is differnet when it comes to reverse dieting or just any type of diet in general. You have to do what works for you. BUT there is no reason to go Keto or do any sort of crash dieting, even for fitness competitors.

You just have to be smart about dieting and be consistent.

It’s always better to cut slowly or add carbs slowly.

You’ll make more muscle gains and you won’t be always packing on and cutting the same 15-20 pounds as a fitness competitor.

This is why low carb diets are bad!

Also as a fitness competitor when you reserve diet, you will be able to slowly increase your carbs with minimal weight and fat gain. Thus allowing for an even easier and better cut the next time with more added muscle!

Remember, carbs are not your enemy!

They are your friends when used properly and not splurged on.

-Branden Bridge

“Fitness is my Focus, Fitness is my Life!”