As we approach a new year, I always see the same thing every year.

-“This year is going to be different!”
-“I’m going to become a healthier version of myself!”
-“New Year, New Me!”

I think you get the point. I’m sure we all see it!

So my question is why wait till the new year?  In my opinion it’s just a new date to write. A new year shouldn’t be about changing your life.  I can see the symbolic aspect…. Sure.

But if you want to change your life why not do it right now? New hour new me! New minute new me! As soon as you have the thought take the proactive step and do it right there!
Now you may say that you can’t do it right then and there. Sure that might be difficult. You may be at work and you can’t leave to go to the gym And sign up right then and there, but with most gyms you can sign up right online or set up an appointment at a gym or with a trainer right from your computer.

Now this doesn’t just apply to the gym. This applies to EVERYTHING in your life.

-“I’m going to quit smoking this year”
-“I’m going to finally get out of the house and meet someone this year”
-“I’m going to finally give the boot to my POS boyfriend or girlfriend”
-“I’m going to start my diet this new year”

Well okay it’s hard to start a diet during the holidays! But you can still start to get in the swing of meal prepping and eating better.

This way of thinking applies to all aspects of life!  You want to make a change? Then do it!  Don’t wait till Monday. Don’t wait for a new year. Like Nike says Just Do It!  Stop procrastinating and giving excuses.   O man don’t even get me started on excuses.  I think I’ll leave those for another blog article….. But when you procrastinate most of the time it doesn’t get done!  The best thing to do is to just take that first step right away.  You have the thought….. you take the step forward!  Sometimes it not that easy, but when you do…. you will be glad you did!

Until next time keep your thoughts positive and keep killin it!

-Branden Bridge