So I’ve been noticing some thing pretty absurd in the fitness community lately.

I have been hearing so much trash talk about people.

Whether its more fit people laughing at unfit people attempting to improve their lives, or fit people hating on other fit people!

Sounds pretty ridiculous to me.

We all started some where. Some of us may have been fortunate to have someone guiding us in the beginning and some didn’t.

We are a community! We are the fitness community! What happens in a community? Usually it consists of helping each other and uplifting each other.

So why are we not doing that in our community? Help these people, uplift them, point them in the right direction. I’m not saying to go in to depth or be their trainer. Just say “Hey! Great set man! Can I show you a better more effective way to do that?”

Most of these people want this guidance but are embarrassed or afraid to approach us. We are kind of intimidating when we’re at the gym. Tight clothes, tanks, cut off sleeves, pump going, head phones in jamming in the zone.

I also keep seeing these awkward gym moments…. STOP RECORDING THESE PEOPLE. Pay attention to yourself or guide these people in the right direction. This is a big reason why people steer clear of the gym and why Planet Fitness advertises a “No Lunk Zone”. Yes they may be hating on us, but in all reality we started the hating by making fun of these people that have no guidance.

There is no need for any of this.

Another thing I see is Trainers making fun of these people. Now that astonishes me. Didn’t we become Trainers to help people? Yes we also have money in mind since there is definitely money to be made in this profession, but didn’t you actually want to help these people? I know I did! Plus if you’re a trainer and you give these people some quick advice, about fifty percent of the time you’ll gain a new client!

We are trainers, whether you see it or not we are ALWAYS being watched. So do the right thing and help people, don’t be in it just for the money. What separates good trainers from AWESOME trainers is actually caring and helping people.

Now I admit I may devote myself a little too much to my clients… but you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love it! Its what makes my profession rewarding. Knowing you are one of the factors that this person has improved their way of life.

So come on people lets unite our community once again and stop all this nonsense, its not needed. The gym is meant to be a positive place, not high school all over again.