I have come across many people that want to utilize my services but are having money problems and cant afford the monthly cost.

My first question after i hear that is “Well how often do you eat out a week?”

The answer always varies but on average i hear about 3-5 times a week.  Now i’m assuming they are probably spending about 20 dollars per meal depending on where they go.

Then I ask how often are you on the run and stop at a gas station to grab a candy bar or something.  The answer I usually get is ALLTHE TIME.  Then I assume this probably happens at least once a day.

Now….. do the math.  People spend about 60 to 100 dollars a week on going out to eat, then maybe 10 to 20 dollars on junk food when they’re on the run.

Just cutting out the expenses of the going out to eat and the junk food can help you afford a monthly plan and maybe even have some left over money for the month.  Sounds like a no brainer right?

If you want to take the step in the right direction for your health you’re going to have to cut out most of the going out to eat and junk food anyways.  So once you cut all that out you will have a lot more money to invest in your health.

Also I come across a lot of smokers that are willing to and want to quit.  Once you quit smoking cigarettes and stop going out to eat…… O BOY!  Think of all that extra money!  Damn you’re going to be rich and fit!?!?! Now thats a win win.  More money, and fitness guidance!  BOOM!  Now you’re really investing in your health!

Investing in your health and getting a fitness coach is the best thing some one can do.  You cut out all of the junk and spend it on some one or something that can lead you in the right direction and be there with you for every step of your fitness journey.

– Branden Bridge

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Investing In Your Health, The Thing To Do!