Do I have your attention?

The media…. OOOOOOO the media.

So you’re scrolling through your instagram, facebook, twitter, what have you.  You’re constantly seeing all these ripped up models and and diced up fitness authorities.  You think to yourself why can’t I look like that, or if you have achieved that body and put on a little weight after that and say to yourself why can’t I stay lean like that all the time.
Well I have news for you…. those models aren’t always ripped like that.  They are only like that for a show or photo shoot then they put the weight back on.  It is pretty unhealthy to keep your body in that form actually.  They always seem to leave that part out. 
Don’t get me wrong I love the media for the most part, they can definitly be an inspiration! They have even inspired me and they still do!

Instead of following a big companies instagram or what ever, you should follow some of the models.  A lot of the fitness models post daily pics and you can see their weight fluctuate.  Now thats a real model and inspiration!  Some one that can get down to a really low body fat percentage but then put some chunk back on and is okay with it!

I use to be the same way.  I would look through my social media and be like damn I have to stay ripped blah blah blah.  Then I realized its unhealthy and VERY HARD to maintain.  You eat too much sodium one day and BOOM water weight… no more ripped.

You have to learn to enjoy your life and especially enjoy your food!  Plus that little extra chunk on you will turn in to gains!

Also you have to remember you had the will power once to drop your body fat, you are strong enough to do it again! 

So please enjoy your life people! You only have one! Stop looking at the media to be a role model as how you should look!  Because like I said…. most of them don’t look like that all the time anyways, they just don’t show you their bulk sessions or how they look after their cheat day! 

STAY INSPIRED and keep up the awesome work!