Macro Diet Vs. Bro Diet, The Debate


As i'm preparing for my first physique competition I noticed there is big debate on how you should diet yourself down. Macro dieters versus bro dieters. Bro dieters come from the old school unscientific world where you eat the same diet (IE chicken, rice, fish, sweet potatoes) without calculating the number of calories and macros you're taking in and how many calories you're burning off. The bro way is all about “this is what has worked in the past for others so this is what will work now.” If you're following a bro diet that you got [...]

Macro Diet Vs. Bro Diet, The Debate2017-04-05T02:58:06-04:00

Protein Shake, The Kryptonite of the Fast Food Excuse!


When I take on new clients, I have them write me a food journal when they start their journey to a healthier version of themselves. What I constantly see is fast food! I ask them why they decided to get a cheese burger instead of bringing a meal with them. It is always the same reason... “O I was in a hurry”. With today's society everyone is on the run and really don't have the time to meal prep. This is where Protein Shakes come in! You should always try to plan your meals ahead. Sometimes life happens, with shaker [...]

Protein Shake, The Kryptonite of the Fast Food Excuse!2017-04-05T03:00:41-04:00
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