So you’ve decided to make some changes in your life.

You’ve decided that living a Healthy Fit Lifestyle is something you want to achieve.

After years of neglecting your body through poor eating habits and lack of consistent exercise you have decided enough is enough!

It’s time to take CONTROL of your life.

But you have decided that you’re going to ease yourself in to a healthier life style.

SMH! *Shaking My Head*


Why set yourself up for failure right off the bat?

In my experiences with clients, if you decide to jump right in to a healthier life style head first, rather than if you just ease yourself in to it, you’re much more than likely to succeed.

Some people will want to start with just exercising first. But still eat all their food vices, like doughnuts, pizza and greasy chips every day.

Or people will want to start eating clean and healthy but wait until they feel healthier from the proper nutrition to then get into exercising.

Both approaches are setting yourself up for failure! Both choices are leaving that back door open for you to escape once the reality of your changes get tough.

That’s not a Bridge To Fitness!

A Bridge To Fitness is jumping head first and completely changing your lifestyle with commitment and focus.

With this approach, the right approach, your bad habits will die fast!

Start your diet, start going to the gym four to five days a week, stop smoking, whatever your want to change do it all at once!

And please don’t wait till Monday, that’s just another excuse people use to leave that back door open.

What will happen, is Monday will come around and all of a sudden you’re busy and you realize the rest of the week is just as busy. Then it happens, you tell yourself “Ehhhhh, I’ll just start next Monday!”

I’ll give you a secret in life.

This might be the most defining moment you may ever have once you hear this secret.

Yes, I am that cocky that it’s that good!

Ok here it is!

Before anything can change in your outwardly life; Your finances, your health, or your relationships. The change must first come from within. From within your mind with how you think and from within your heart with how you feel.


When you think positively and you feel positively on the inside, your world around you will start to follow along.

You will feel better, you will improve, people will like you better, everything will change for the better!

Committing to a healthy fit lifestyle is no different!

So stop with the excuses! Stop leaving the backdoor open! Stop putting your temple, your body, your vehicle for experiencing life on the back burner.


I want you to do something for me.

I want you to have an honest moment with yourself.

I want you to go in front of the mirror right now, and look yourself in the eyes.

I want you to truly to connect to how you currently think and feel about yourself and your current life.

Then, when that anger or disappointment starts to rise I want you to look dead into your own eyes and say…



“From this day forward, I will change for the better. I will have commitment and focus on being healthier and happier!”


I know it will be hard, everyday will be a battle, a struggle for me to change! But I can do it one day at a time!”


With commitment and focus, I will one day look back in this same mirror and see a completely changed person!”


Someone who is fit and healthy. Someone who feels stress and awkward on a day when they haven’t made it to the gym. Someone who turns down pizza for a healthy meal of chicken and veggies. Someone who have full control over who they are and who they will become!”

This is my goal for you. For anyone in life. I know everyone can achieve it!

With commitment, focus aka Will Power and a little help, anything is possible.

I’ll let you in on a second secret.

This one is focused solely on fitness although it can be used for any goal in life.

Here it is…

Setup a support system!

I’ve found that it’s a tremendous help to have a support system or a partner in crime when making these changes.

If you have this then you are almost guaranteed success!

Having a support system was one of the defining factors that helped me change from having the habits of a 295 pounds overweight person to now becoming a 175 pound ripped personal trainer and natural physique competitor.

That support system was my best friend!

I was fat and overweight my whole life until I was 22 years old.

My best friend was never overweight in his entire life and was always in good healthy shape. Playing football and generally being a very active person.

He got really into working out and fitness once he realized he needed to be stronger and bigger for college football.

Then one night while we where out partying I noticed he was getting a lot of attention from women and I wasn’t.

Something that was never really a problem for me in my teenage years.

At 22, I reached my peak of fatness! I had ballooned to 295 pounds from normally being about 235 pounds.

I could get by with still attracting girls being slightly overweight but I could no longer achieve success with my new weight of 295 pounds.

I was on a bad path of unhealthy living.

My thoughts, actions and habits all led me to being 295 pounds.

I had no realization of this back then but luckily a moment that night at the party occurred.

I said “Why are you getting all the girls?”

Then my very blunt best friend said in very truthful terms exactly why I wasn’t getting any attention from females.

He blurted out in a humorous way “CUZ YOUR FAT!”

He was right!

It was that simple!

I was very very fat!

Then being the good friend that he is he said “Dude your coming to the gym with me! I will force you to the gym everyday for months if I have to until you are at the point to where you will feel weird when you don’t go!”

I didn’t want to go but I said “Ok…”

and the rest is history!

We went to the gym EVERY DAY at least 5 times a week!

At first it suuuuuucked so bad! Especially that first month!

But after that it became easier and easier and before I knew it 6 months had past and I started to see changes in my body and I’ve been hooked ever sense.

You see what happened that I had no idea back then was that my friend was changing my habits.

My whole life I was in the habit of doing nothing exercise wise.

It only took 2 months for me calling him up to make sure he was down to go to the gym.

Something I would had NEVER done just 2 months prior.

My Habits were changed from that moment forward!

Support like this can mean the world to someone who doesn’t even have the inkling on how to get started changing themselves.

Even the biggest names in fitness still need support and some one pushing them once in a while!

There were plenty of times when I wanted to give up, but my friend was there at all times to push me forward.

I want you to do one more thing to ensure your success.

I want you to call the most fit person you know!

I want you to befriend this person and ask them if they will be your workout buddy!

Don’t worry if your scared to do this. If your open and honest with this person, chances are they will feel compelled to help you!

If not, move onto the next person, or the next person until you finally find someone willing to push you towards your goals.

Make sure you choose someone who is already in the habit of eating healthy and someone who continually goes to the gym.

If you pick someone in a similar situation. Chances are they might be an enabler for your old bad habits.

This will kill your chances for success.

Hire a personal trainer if you have to!

I am working on a solution for this problem that will be coming out very soon!

I a creating a full fitness program that will be available for sale within a couple of months.

As an added benefit I will be creating a private fitness support group that only a select few will be able to join.

In this group, everyone will be on the same page and support each other along with having full access to me via email, private Facebook group, and even a group app that you can access directly on your smart phone.

Until then, make some fit friends and get started on changing your life! I know you can do it!

Follow your dreams, keep pushing forward, and ALWAYS keep a positive mind frame.

A new you is just on the horizon!

One that lives a Healthy Fit Lifestyle!