Consistency Is The Key To Fitness Results

If someone were to ask me “What is the most important thing for achieving fitness results?”

I would have to say that Consistency is the key to fitness results.

There are a lot of articles out there preaching special diets, detoxes, super foods, and many other weight loss “tricks”

Some of them work, some of them don’t.

These diets are marketed as quick fixes, not long term solutions.

But what do you do after that diet is done?

I have clients asking me about these “tricks” and asking if they should add this super food or that super food.

My response to them is always this “If you can make it fit into your daily macros then go for it!”

Then they ask my opinion on these quick fix diets, tricks and special foods…..

My opinion?…. Well….. I think certain foods have different benefits….. but those diets and detoxes… not so much.

Those special diets do not work in my opinion. A detox might “clean” out your system and be healthy for your internal organs and yes you drop weight fast but when that diet is done, most people end up doing an eating binge immediately after and they put the weight back on.

You practically starve yourself for a month. A Detox usually entails fasting techniques, juicing and limiting intake of normal foods. The lack of calories is why they have you lose weight. There’s nothing “Special” or ‘Mysterious” that causes the weight loss. It’s just simple science and math due to being at a calorie deficit.

Which is the key to any smart weight loss diet. Except that detoxes usually go to extremes while a solid smart scientific weight loss program will have you lose weight consistently over time which is a much healthier way to lose weight.

Most people who want to try detoxes to lose weight are Binge Eaters. They usually do a detox and lose weight but immediately after the diet is over, they feel like they deserve a little “cheat”. That cheat meal usually turns in to a day of cheating and in most cases turns in to a few  weeks of binge eating.

Basically they never improve their eating habits. Improving eating habits is the most important aspect of change needed to  achieve weight loss that sticks.

People end up binge eating because they restrict themselves of the foods they enjoy for so long. In turn the desire for that food builds up. When the diet is over, all of a sudden they are eating Oreos and Cupcakes in every meal.

This is why I always give my clients macros to hit and let them eat what they want within the parameters of the macros while promoting optimal dieting with nutritious foods.

I also always tell them to just stay consistent with hitting their macros every day when they ask me about these diets.

Only when I know a client has built sustainable and good eating habits, I feel I can give them my consent on trying detoxes or special diets if they believe it will have a healthy effect on them.

However I reinforce that consistency is the key to fitness results.

Consistency in your macros, and consistency with your gym routine. If you stay on a consistent deficit and work hard, you are guaranteed to drop weight. Its pretty easy if you have the dedication!

I know you want instant results, but half the time instant results are unhealthy and end in a binge. So stay consistent and  those results will come.  Not only will they come but they stick for the long term!

-Branden Bridge

“Fitness is my Focus! Fitness is my Life!”