ClickBank Sign Up Infromation

Clickbank is the 3rd party company that handles the processing of our credit card transactions as well as the affiliate program tracking. (All commission checks are mailed out directly from clickbank). In order to promote the Bridge To Fitness Online Personal Training, you must first become a Clickbank affiliate.

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    Step #1

    Sign up for your ClickBank account by clicking on the link below.
    (Note: The sign up page will open up in a new window.)
    On the Clickbank sign up page, fill in your personal details and pick your own personal Clickbank account name.

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    Step #2

    After you've set up your Clickbank account, then you're ready to start promoting Bridge To Fitness - Online Personal Training through your unique affiliate referral hoplink. When someone clicks your link then purchases a Online Personal Training package from us, you will receive the commission on the sale.

Your affiliate link will look like this:

Simply replace the XXXX with your Clickbank affiliate nickname. So if your nickname is "thefitandnerdy", this is what your link would look like:

Make sure you create your affiliate referral hoplink correctly. This is very important or else you will NOT receive credit for the sales you refer.

If a visitor clicks on your link and then orders a Bridge To Fitness - Online Personal Training package within 60 days of landing on our site, you get paid! It's that easy.

The commissions will be calculated automatically and get deposited into your ClickBank account in real time. You can login to your ClickBank whenever you want to see exactly how much money you are making.

You will get paid by Clickbank by check or direct deposit depending which option you choose with your account. Clickbank pays periodically depending on which option you choose. Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly.

Clickbank has put together an awesome Getting Started As An Affiliate Guide for new users. Click the link and check it out!