Sample Emails

Email promotions are a highly profitable strategy for affiliates who have an email list to market too! They can literally be money machines, especially if you have a large list of engaged subscribers. Your list of subscribers respect and trust your opinion more than anyone else! So when you recommend us through your email newsletter, they are more likely to purchase then if they randomly saw our ad on some website.

I have created some sample emails for you to use for your promotions of my Online Personal Training Services. Bare in mind that these are intended to be templates and its best to edit them and give your own personal endorsement through your own words.

This can be hard especially if you have not received Online  Personal Training from us. We suggest that you be honest with your list and instead of giving a testimonial of our service, instead share your excitement for what we offer. This can simply be done by rewording things you find from our sales page.

Remember to change out things like First Name and Your Name with your customers name and your own name of course. Also be sure not to forget to replace the links with your affiliate ID so you receive commission.

Also, its usually best to send out an email promoting our services on a Friday which is when everyone usually gets paid or has already been paid from their job.

Sample Email #1

Subject:  Not reaching your Fitness goals? Need help?

Hey (firstname),

One of the most valuable resources you can have in life is a mentor!

Especially when it comes to trying to reach your fitness goals.

Having a personal trainer to provide you with expert knowledge and be there for you to motivate you and keep you accountable can be a sure fire way to achieve success!

Even the most athletic and famously fit people in the world usually have a personal trainer because they are just too valuable not to have one!

Not everyone has the time to learn everything they need to know to achieve the body of their dreams and then plan the proper workouts and diet to achieve the results.

It's much easier to just hire a personal trainer who will give you simple directions on what to do. So then all you have to do is show up and do it!

However, not everyone can afford a personal trainer!

This is where the new revolution of Online Personal Training and my friends at Bridge To Fitness come in!

With Bridge to Fitness Online Personal Training you get all the expertise and help you would normally get with in-person training but at much cheaper rates. All without losing that personal touch!

Don't just take my word for it, check out all the amazing features you will get with Bridge to Fitness Online Personal Training by clicking the link below:

==> Bridge To Fitness Online Personal Training (Hyperlink with

I personally love the fact that all your workouts get delivered to you right through their Trainerize app on your smartphone!

Even if you don't know how to perform a certain exercise, you can view an instructional video right there in the app.

Not only that, you can type in your workout stats for each exercise to keep track of your progress!

It's truly amazing what is possible with technology these days!

I highly recommend you check out their services!

==> Bridge To Fitness Online Personal Training (Hyperlink with

Branden and his Team are some of the best in the business and go the extra mile to ensure you reach your goals.

Talk to you soon ,


Sample Email #2

Subject:  Online Personal Training Done Right!

Hey (firstname),

There's a new wave/trend/fad  in the fitness industry as of late that has been on my mind lately which is Online Personal Training.

I'll be honest with you, I have been skeptical of Online Personal Training since it's incarnation a couple of years back.

Simply because how can someone personally train another human being without actually being there?

However, I've recently  found a Personal Trainer named Branden Bridge who seems to be doing Online Personal Training the right way and it has put my skepticism to rest.

Branden and his team at Bridge To Fitness have blown me away with the features they offer with their Online Personal Training services!

They have literally thought of every which way they possible could to bridge the gap of value offered between in-person training and Online Personal Training! (no pun intended)

I mean just check out a summary of the features:

  • Initial Fitness Survey to Help us Personalize your Plan
  • Initial Consultation Via Skype or Email
  • Personalized Exercise and Diet Plan created for your Goals
  • Continual Custom Exercise & Diet Plan Changes
  • Nutrition & Supplement Guidance
  • Trainerize App Access to Track Workout Progress & Watch Exercise Tutorials
  • My Fitness Pal Diet Tracking & Monitoring
  • Weekly Macro Accountability Using Google Sheets
  • Bridge To Fitness - Exclusive Fitness Facebook Group Access
  • Group Support & Group Accountability
  • Daily Actionable Positivity Exercises
  • Empowering Psychological/Mental Exercises
  • Habit Behavioral Training Exercises
  • Lifestyle Coaching and Advice
  • Email Accountability Check In's
  • Email/Message Support
  • Skype Consultations
  • Exclusive Facebook Group Monthly Giveaway Contest
  • 100% Commitment to your Fitness Success

And the best part is that their monthly plans are much cheaper then that of what you would pay for a personal trainer at a gym!

Check out all of the features more in depth by clicking the link below:

==> Bridge To Fitness Online Personal Training (Hyperlink with

I highly recommend you check out their services!

Branden and his Team are some of the best in the business and go the extra mile to ensure you reach your goals.

Talk to you soon ,