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Get all the expertise and help you would normally get with in-person training at cheaper rates. All without losing that personal touch!

We'll be honest with you, most Online Coaching out there just doesn't stack up. Most trainers out there are just looking to add more clients and money in their pocket without actually putting in the work to help YOU the Client!

We here at Bridge To Fitness are different! We have put together the BEST and most COMPLETE Online Coaching packages that we could. Using every technology at our disposal, our coaching packages come as close to in-person training as possible without actually being there to spot you!

Not only that, we have added benefits that you don't normally get with in-person training. Such as our Exclusive Fitness Group that provides group accountability and support. There's nothing better then having a tribe of people on the same journey as you.

With Online Coaching you don't have to worry about scheduling when you will work out with a trainer and paying per session. We are with you 24/7 through the assistance of the Trainerize Mobile App which provides you with workout videos of every exercise you will be asked to complete in your personalized workout plan.

It is our goal at Bridge To Fitness to help as many people on their fitness journey as we can by providing them with Premium Online Coaching packages that are more affordable than in-person training.

Online Coaching Features

  • Initial Fitness Survey to Help us Personalize your Plan
  • Personalized Exercise and Diet Plan created for your Goals
  • Nutrition & Supplement Guidance*
  • My Fitness Pal Diet Tracking & Monitoring
  • Access To Our Fitness Group on Facebook
  • Daily Actionable Positivity Exercises
  • Habit Behavioral Training Exercises
  • Email Accountability Check In's
  • Skype Consultations*
  • Initial Consultation Via Skype or Email
  • Trainerize App Access to Track Workout Progress & Watch Exercise Tutorials
  • Weekly Macro Accountability Using Google Sheets
  • Group Support & Group Accountability
  • Empowering Psychological/Mental Exercises
  • Lifestyle Coaching and Advice*
  • Email/Message Support*
  • Exclusive Facebook Group Monthly Giveaway Contest
  • Our 100% Commitment to your Fitness Success

* Indicates that feature availability is dependent on what coaching package you purchase.

We Have The Expertise To Achieve Any Goal

Your Program will be Made Personally for You

My Fitness Journey

Believe it or not, this is me in the two pics to the right. (Pics are below if on mobile)

It was August 2009 in Las Vegas.

I was roughly 275 pounds and WHO KNOWS what percentage body fat!

I started my fitness journey as a 22 year old 295 pound FAT GUY!

I mean LOOK AT ME! It’s hard for me to even look at the photo below. I don’t even know who that person is anymore!

Simply put, I was overweight throughout my whole childhood.

I rarely did anything that was considered athletic.

I was made fun of, picked on, bullied… you name it! I lived it!

As I got into my teenage years the weight just kept piling on.

By the time I hit my twenties I was well over the weight of what is considered clinically obese!

I smoked cigarettes, ate Twinkies, ate candy, drank soda, drank beer/liquor and got drunk a lot, and I played video games, watched movies and TV all day. When I ate, the servings of food were huge whenever I sat down for family dinner.

You name the lazy activity and I did it!

I was a mess and I didn’t even realize it at the time.

Then something happened!

Something I will forever be grateful for…

Something that changed my life forever.

During a night out I wondered why my best friend Brian was getting all the attention from the ladies at the bar we were partying at.

I had never had trouble getting attention from the opposite sex up until recently as I had just got out of a 2 year relationship.

During that time I had ballooned up to 295 pounds!

So during a moment of drunken weakness I asked my best bud…

“Why are you getting all the girls! Why can’t I get any attention!”

Being the honest blunt best friend that he was… he gave it to me straight!


He was right, I knew he was right, I knew that was the answer the whole time yet for some reason I still had to ask.

I needed him to tell me so I heard it.

What he said next though, I wasn’t ready for, and it was the moment that forever changed my life.

Being the good friend that he is, he said…

“Dude you’re coming to the gym with me! I will force you to go to the gym everyday for months! I’ll force you to go with me until you are at the point to where it will feel weird to you when you don’t go!”

From that night on he was a man of his word and the very next day he dragged me to the gym at World’s Gym in Hamburg, New York. The gym I still work out at to this day…

Everyday Brian would call me and drag me to the gym at least 5 times a week.

and let me tell you! At first, it suuuuuuuuuuuucked so bad!

Especially that first month! It was the worst!

But after that it became easier and easier and before I knew it 6 months had past and I started to see changes in my body.

I’ve been hooked ever since!

There were even days where Brian didn’t want to go and I went by myself.

and you know what…

He was right! When I didn’t go it felt weird!

Like suddenly my whole life was out of whack just because I didn’t go to the gym.

That feeling propelled me and transformed me from a 295 Fat Guy who never worked out a day in his life, who ate Twinkies and doughnuts all day; into a 170 pound shredded Personal Trainer and Natural Physique Competitor who eats healthy and works out every day!

I’m so proud of these two photos of me to the right! (Pics are below if on mobile) But I am in even more proud of my career path in becoming a Personal Trainer!

I am so grateful for my profession. It’s my passion and life mission to help as many people as I can with their fitness journey using my experience knowledge and expertise!

I truly hope by sharing my journey that it inspires you, especially if your overweight like I was.

-Branden Bridge

-Lauren Ana

"I've been working with Branden for close to a year now and have never felt stronger or healthier.  He facilitates a positive atmosphere through his enthusiasm and knowledge. Each session is challenging and individualized to my needs. He also designed a balanced diet to help me achieve amazing results. Branden makes working out fun and diverse, keeping me coming back for more, I highly recommend him."

-Lauren Ana

Training Philosophy

We believe that every human is a product of his habits and thoughts. While most Personal Trainers focus solely on training the the clients body. We at Bridge To Fitness know that the success of the client will largely depend on the clients ability to create healthy habits and a positive mindset that is built from a foundation of will power and positive self talk.

Thus we not only focus on training the clients body but also the clients mind and behavioral patterns. In doing so, our clients not only achieve results with their body, but they also grow as human beings. In building healthy habits and cultivating a mind filled with positive thoughts, our clients gain a greater sense of fulfillment with life.

The Team

When you sign up for Online Coaching with Bridge To Fitness. You don't just get me as a trainer. You also get my Best Friend, Business Partner and Personal Trainer Brian Burch as well. Along with anyone else we add to the team in the near future.

We believe that having access to more than one expert is an extremely valuable asset to our clients. As a team we can be smarter and accomplish more than we ever could as individuals.

When you sign up for Online Coaching you will be assigned a main coach of ether Myself, Brian or a future trainer that we bring in as our client base grows. Though you will have access to all of us. We collaborate and bring each of our expertise to the table on every client. However due to time constraints we split clients up when it comes to accountability tracking.

Branden Bridge

"Fitness is my Focus! Fitness is my Life"

I love that quote! It encapsulates my life!

There hasn't been a day in my life in the last 7 years in which I haven't thought about fitness or nutrition in one way or another. Simply put, fitness and nutrition has taken over my life and... I love it!

I love waking up and eating a healthy meal. I love getting in my car and driving the daily commute to the gym. I love the feeling of my nervous system and muscles igniting into action as I move cold hard steel weights from one point to another. I love the feeling of accomplishment I get after an exhilarating gym session. Then capping it off with a protein shake to instantly fuel my body with the nutrients it needs to recover so I can do it all over again the next day.

The only thing I love more then a good gym session is the immense joy I get from being a personal trainer. The joy from seeing an overweight client reach his/her fat loss goals or seeing a physique or figure competitor take the stage for the first time. Knowing that I touched their lives and helped lead them to success.

There is no greater feeling then changing someones life for the better!

Brian Burch

Brian has been my best friend since the 3rd grade. I am very grateful for his friendship. A large part of my success is due to our friendship. When I was 295 pounds and overweight. It was Brian who forced me to the gym everyday for 6 months straight. He knew that if he could get me to the gym for 6 months straight, that fitness would become a habit for me.

If it wasn't for him forcing me to the gym everyday back then, I probably wouldn't be a Personal Trainer and I probably would still be fat. I wouldn't have this website and I wouldn't look or feel the way I do now.

I am living proof that personal training works. Brian taught me all the basics back then and we have been growing our Fitness and Nutritional knowledge exponentially ever since.

Brian is exceptionally smart when it comes to the psychology of the human mind. He understands what it takes to change how a person thinks and what it takes for a person to develop lifetime healthy habits. The key to success in Personal Training is not only providing your clients with expertise in Fitness and Nutrition but also training the thought processes of their mind and behavioral patterns. The key to a clients success will be determined on whether that individual will achieve a state where fitness and good nutrition have become habitual.

"Make Fitness a Habit!" - Brian Burch

He is an amazing asset to have for myself as well for all the clients of Bridge To Fitness.


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Features Sneak Peak

Fitness Survey

Immediately after you sign up and purchase a coaching package, you will be given a survey. The survey will ask you everything from your fitness history to general questions about you so we can get to know you as a person.

This survey will help us get started and give us an idea on what type of personalized exercise and nutrition plan we will be developing for you. The survey will also help us gauge what type of person you are from a mental and behavioral stand point.

The survey will allow us to get the ball rolling and give us talking points for our first initial consultation.

Initial Consultation

For our top coaching package you will be asked to schedule an appointment with us directly after you sign up and purchase your training package. We'll leave it up to you whether you want to do a video call or just audio.

For our basic package clients, the initial consultation is done via email. We will email you within 24 hours of your purchase.

Personalized Training Plan

We develop a personalized exercise and diet plan for all of our clients. Whether your a beginner or advanced, training for a bodybuilding show or just looking to stay fit. We will create the perfect plan for you!

When creating your training plan, we take everything into account:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Gender
  • Strength
  • Athletic Ability
  • Flexibility
  • Experience
  • Body Type
  • Confidence
  • And much more!

Your training plan will always be evolving! When you goals change, so will your training plan. As you progress, so will the complexity of your training plan!

Nutrition & Supplement Guidance

With our top coaching package we also provide nutritional and supplement guidance. We will guide you on what foods are the most nutritious to eat and which supplements actually work and are worth your time!

Trainerize App

Your Training Plan Anywhere

View your training plans and training schedule. Access it anytime online in a browser, or on your iOS or Android device. Check-in for a workout. Add your tracking stats for your workout directly within the app. No more carrying around a silly notepad!

We monitor your progress online to keep you on track. New workouts will be delivered directly to you via the app!

Exercise Videos For Guidance

Trainerize has the world's largest video exercise library. View any exercise that you need to learn about. It's like having a personal trainer right there teaching you. We will be adding in our own Bridge to Fitness training exercise videos to the app as we go along.


You can message us any question you might have directly in the Trainerize App.

Trainerize is Available on iOS and Android Supported for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

Your Own Fitness Calendar

Every Workout, Body Measurement Reminder, Progress Photo Reminder & Training Note can be seen in calendar view. This makes it easy to plan and adjust your workouts accordingly. Need to switch your Monday Workout to Tuesday because of a family emergency? No Problem!

Not only that, but the Trainerize app will send you notifications alert on your phone along with sending you an email to remind you of upcoming planned workouts. Not only will we keep you accountable as trainers, but the technology we use will assist in keeping you accountable as well! No more excuses!

Charts To See Your Progress

Trainerize has an intelligent graphing system that will allow you to chart any body measurement, exercise or workout you have been doing. See your progress on a daily, weekly, monthly & even yearly scope.

Smile immensely as you watch you Body Fat Percentage and Weight Chart go down as your Muscle Size and Strength chart goes up!

Track Your Body Measurements

Track every body measurement from weight to body fat percentage to resting heart rate and even individual body part & Muscle Size

My Fitness Pal

We use the FREE app My Fitness Pal to help us track your diet. It's by far the most popular diet tracking app available. We will add you as a friend so we can check up on what you are eating and keep you accountable.

My Fitness Pal has over 5 million foods in their database. Chances are, anything you eat, My Fitness Pal will know it's Macro information. Not only that but it also has the functionality to scan bar codes of foods using the camera on your smart phone. Bought something from the store that doesn't provide the macro information on the packaging? Scan it and chances are My Fitness Pal will know tell you.

It's the perfect tool for tracking your macros throughout the day. All you need to do is get in the habit of inputting the food you ate at every meal and the app will keep track of how many calories and macros you have left for the day. This way, you will never gain or lose weight you didn't plan on.

Weekly Macro Sheets

We keep you accountable to your Diet. You will be given your own Weekly Macro Tracking sheets using Google Sheets to track your Caloric and Macro Intake.

Exclusive Fitness Group

Get access to our Fitness Group on Facebook. We are striving to make our group the most fun positive group of people who all love fitness with a passion!

Enjoy the benefits of having a full tribe of people supporting you to reach your goals and you doing the same in return!

It's the perfect place to discuss anything fitness related. We encourage everyone to posts relevant articles on fitness, nutrition, healthy habit creation or anything that promotes a positive attitude.

Stay accountable to each other by posting a fitness selfie every time you exercise!

Mental Training

Not only do we give you everything to train your body but we also provide exercises to train the mind!

Everyday you will be given a mental exercise that encourages a positive mindset, empowers you or an exercise that encourages healthy habits / breaks bad habits.

We truly believe that the success of our clients is determined by cultivating a healthy positive & strong mindset. A client who develops will power and focus is a client that 99% of the time will never skip a workout, cheat on their diet or think of an excuse to quit.

"Once you start replacing negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results!"

Lifestyle Coaching

With our top coaching package, you not only get a Personal Trainer but you also get a Mentor!

Our top package gives you 24/7 access to us. As an extra benefit we will include Lifestyle Coaching.

Ask us any question under the sun. Do you have a troubling circumstance going on in your life and need some friendly advice? Or perhaps you have come to a fork in the road on your journey in life and need help making an important decision. Or if you just need to bounce some ideas off of someone. We are here for you!

With Lifestyle Coaching, your success awaits...

Email Check In's

Depending on your package, we will periodically (Bi-Weekly or Monthly) email you to check in on your training. During this time we will check on your workout stats, macro worksheet & My Fitness Pal food entries.

Email & Message Support

Our packages have email/message support. Meaning if you message us with a question or concern by email, facebook, text message or via the Trainerize app we will reply back. Our top package offers guaranteed 24/7 support. Our basic package offers guaranteed weekly support. With that said, if you have the basic package and you send us a question we will definitely reply if we have the time. We put this structure in place due to when we have time restrictions.

Skype Consultations

With our top package we offer 30 minute Skype consultations upon request. We provide monthly Skype consultations. Skype consultations are the perfect way to provide the same personal feel of in-person training while assisting you with any question or concern you might have.

Monthly Giveaways

We love giving back to our clients. Every month we do an exclusive prize giveaway  just for our clients through our exclusive fitness Facebook group. No matter what coaching package you sign up for with us, you will be eligible to enter the giveaway.

100% Commiment

It is our PASSION and Life Goal to help as many people on their fitness journey's as we possible can and that means YOU too!

When you sign up for Online Coaching with us, we are 100% Committed to your success in Fitness and Life!

If you got this far on the page, I KNOW you're ready to take action with your life and join the Bridge To Fitness Family!

Allow us to lead you down the right path on your fitness journey.

I Hope To See Text Messages Like These From YOU One Day Soon!

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If you have any questions or concerns, please send us a message via our contact page.

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