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New Minute New Me!

As we approach a new year, I always see the same thing every year.    -"This year is going to be different!" -"I'm going to become a healthier version of myself!" -"New Year, New Me!"   I think you get the point. I'm sure we all see it!   So my question is why wait till the new year?  In my opinion it's just a new date to write. A new year shouldn't be about changing your life.  I can see the symbolic aspect.... Sure.   But if you want to change your life why not [...]

Stop The Hating

So I've been noticing some thing pretty absurd in the fitness community lately. I have been hearing so much trash talk about people. Whether its more fit people laughing at unfit people attempting to improve their lives, or fit people hating on other fit people! Sounds pretty ridiculous to me. We all started some where. Some of us may have been fortunate to have someone guiding us in the beginning and some didn't. We are a community! We are the fitness community! What happens in a community? Usually it consists of helping each other and uplifting [...]

Fuck The Media

Do I have your attention? The media.... OOOOOOO the media. So you're scrolling through your instagram, facebook, twitter, what have you.  You're constantly seeing all these ripped up models and and diced up fitness authorities.  You think to yourself why can't I look like that, or if you have achieved that body and put on a little weight after that and say to yourself why can't I stay lean like that all the time.   Well I have news for you.... those models aren't always ripped like that.  They are only like that for a show [...]

Investing In Your Health

I have come across many people that want to utilize my services but are having money problems and cant afford the monthly cost. My first question after i hear that is "Well how often do you eat out a week?"   The answer always varies but on average i hear about 3-5 times a week.  Now i'm assuming they are probably spending about 20 dollars per meal depending on where they go. Then I ask how often are you on the run and stop at a gas station to grab a candy bar or something.  The [...]

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