Banner Ads


Banner ads are used in numerous ways. You can place banner ads on your website, in emails, through ad networks as well as with websites like Facebook & Plenty Of Fish that offer laser focused targeting abilities.

Below you will find your standard 728x90, 300x250 and 160x600 (Skyscraper) ads along with banner ads specifically made for Facebook and Plenty Of Fish.

If you need specific banner sizes made, please contact us! We are willing to work with you to make your marketing efforts successful!

When using Facebook and Plenty Of Fish to promote our service, make sure you read the advertising guidelines and the terms of conditions. Both websites, among other popular websites have strict guidelines for ad copy and banners. Be sure to follow the rules as to keep our Brand is good standing. We trust that you will promote our service ethically and intelligently.

Here are the steps in using banner ads:

1. Right click on your selected choice and save it to your computer.

2. Upload the banner ad to your desired location of your website.

3. Hyperlink your affiliate ID into the product image so you get commission:

Note: Make sure to replace "ClickBankNickName" with your ClickBank Nickname so that you will receive a commission on the sales that come through your affiliate link.





1200X628 Banners (For Standard Single Image Facebook Ads, Fit for all Facebook Ad Placement Areas... Desktop, Mobile & Sidebar)

600X600 Banners (For New Multiple Image Facebook Ads, Guide for Multiple Image Ads)






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