Would You Like To Earn 75% On Initial Sale Commissions & 5.5% Monthly Recurring Commissions By Helping To Promote Bridge To Fitness - Online Personal Training?

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How Much Money Can I Make As An Affiliate?

You will be paid the maximum ClickBank affiliate commission of 75% for all sales you generate! Not only that, you'll also make 5.5% monthly recurring commissions on all customers who remain Bridge To Fitness clients.

Currently Bridge To Fitness sells two packages. We have a $99.99 Rainbow Bridge package which is our for basic package. We also have a $199.99  Brooklyn Bridge package which is currently our advanced package. We our currently working on offering a 3rd package that will be priced higher then the Brooklyn Bridge package and will become our top package.

Price Breakdown:

Here is rough estimate of what you will make per sale. (We calculated what an affiliate will make after including Clickbank's Fees. Our calculations might be slightly off. Use the numbers below as a rough estimate.)


Rainbow Bridge Package

Initial Sale: $68.60 | Monthly Recurring: $4.95


Brooklyn Bridge Package

Initial Sale: $137.99 | Monthly Recurring: $9.91


If you were to make just 10 Brooklyn Bridge Package sales in a month you would earn roughly $1390 off initial sales. Each month thereafter you would also make $99 off those sales through the 5.5% recurring commission rate assuming none of those customers canceled their packages.

10 Sales in one month is very attainable!

Let's look long term for a second. Say you made 10 Brooklyn Bridge Package sales each month for a year. You would make $16,560 off of commissions from initial sales! Not only that, assuming that none of these customers cancel their training package, after 12 months you will have built up 120 sales and would be earning $1188/month thereafter from the recurring commission.

As you can see, through some strong marketing efforts on your part, you could make a part time or even full time living off of promoting our Online Personal Training alone. You are in complete control of your financial success! There is really no limit to what you can earn. It all comes down to how aggressive you are in promoting our training. The more people you send to the site, the more money you'll make!

Be sure to contact us if you need help or require personalized promotional material.

Your success is our success! Seriously, don't hesitant to contact us if you need help or want us to work with your personally to help make your marketing campaigns a success!

-Branden Bridge